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The market-leading solutions from datango cover the areas of performance support, learning management and documentation - both in German-speaking and international environments. datango is often used as an alternative to other authoring solutions, for example assima cloning technology. Our innovative capabilities introduce your employees quickly and sustainably to new or changed business processes or applications and support them context-sensitively directly at the workplace. In our development centre in Berlin, our products in the User Enablement market segment are constantly being further developed to this day.

Why is datango a suitable alternative to Assima?

The most important functions and differences to assima at a glance:

  • In contrast to assima, the datango solution requires significantly less storage space as well as the overall effort. While assima clones the entire software, our datango solution only records the various steps and creates a screenshot. This decimates sources of error!
  • With our datango solution, only the animated buttons in the screenshot can be clicked, so that only relevant things are displayed.
  • Our datango solution includes automatic re-recording for content updates in 40 languages. This way you can implement international projects at the push of a button and have no additional translation effort.
  • A vulnerability analysis, which identifies typical errors and bottlenecks during the completion of the learning content, ensures the increase of process efficiency and can predict the helpdesk and ticket volume, etc.

Your total solution from datango

The most important functions and differences to assima at a glance:

We offer training in a simulated environment for all areas of your company. Our LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is a complete solution for successful employee enablement. Our LXP can be applied to many different areas, including software rollouts, change management projects, the creation of documentation or increasing user performance.
Our LXP is universally applicable. Complementary components cover areas such as online training of employees and increasing user performance. In addition, your employees will receive individual help in editing their online trainings through our datango service at the moment of need.

We have optimised our product to meet the demands of modern businesses!

Your advantages:

  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Fewer support calls due to fewer sources of error
  • Ensuring data protection - for every single employee

A short digression: What to consider when buying a new software to consider!

If you are about to buy a new software, you should inform yourself well and not grab one lightly. It is advisable to sound out the market and obtain various offers. Even if the differences between software are only minor, the real differences only become apparent during daily use in practice. For this reason, it is important to obtain sufficient information about software in advance.

The main way to recognise good software is that it significantly improves and simplifies your workflow. In addition, factors such as the operating system, data protection, cloud storage and costs are important decisions that should be considered before buying.

The datango service

Benefit from the unique datango service! The datango service is one thing above all: fast, reliable and available around the clock (24 hours a day). In plain language, this means: no long waits for tickets to be answered and no problem that remains unresolved for long!

Advantages of datango Solutions

  • Fast Implementation: The ramp-up time is a maximum of 5 days including training, after which you can start immediately.
  • Located in Germany: You can expect no language barriers with us.
  • Meeting Customer Needs: Our offerings are adapted to our customers individual needs.
  • Expert-Support: You can immediately reach one of our experts on the phone.

Would you like to learn more about our alternative to assima cloning technology?

In a personal and non-binding conversation, we will be happy to give you a comprehensive overview of our software solutions and explain further advantages of datango. Our experts are available to answer all your questions. You can get a first insight on our website. Just click here. Whether SAP, Oracle, web applications or in-house developments, datango supports your company and your employees with individual projects in all phases and with any application.

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