Are you looking for an alternative to Oracle UPK? Tackle your project with datango.

We support you in switching to another application - guaranteed at every stage! Oracle announced that the in-house authoring solution UPK, which aims to develop training materials, process documentation and increase user productivity for Oracle applications, will be discontinued. Support was extended by Oracle for the last time until 2022. What difficulties will Oracle customers face? As an Oracle customer, you are directly affected by this situation and may already have security and compliance issues in addition to the given integration issues. It is also possible that your created content may become unusable without the appropriate support or software updates from Oracle. Urgent action is needed now!

We are the market leader in enterprise education, rollout support and process documentation in Europe and offer you an easy-to-use alternative solution to Oracle UPK.

Our options introduce your employees quickly and sustainably to new or changed business processes and applications. With our training courses, your employees will be able to be proactive with any new process application after only a short time and learn the application confidently. Especially at the beginning of a changeover, companies have to face a multitude of new challenges. Depending on the complexity and integration depth of the system, companies and their departments have to invest a lot of time and provide know-how in order to be able to master the changeover in every phase of the project.

datango can make the steps of digital transformation easier for you. Because: system changes affect all facets of a company and change the general ways of working as well as the user interface of the end users. New alternative systems to Oracle UPK inevitably have to be relearned and, above all, understood by your employees.

Through the use of a content converter specially developed for Oracle UPK, the switch to datango secures investments already made, as the further editing and distribution of all content already created with UPK is possible. Furthermore, in addition to the familiar functions such as the creation of documentation, e-learning content and single source recording, our solutions offer additional possibilities that go far beyond the functional scope of Oracle UPK.

Plan the switch. Oracle UPK Alternative with datango

We would like to support you as a service provider in the changeover from Oracle UPK. With our solutions, your employees will be introduced to new or changed business processes quickly, efficiently and sustainably. With just one click, you are able to document every process. In addition, a simulation landscape is created in which your users can carry out new processes without triggering a process in the real system - above all, this strengthens acceptance and makes the new software accessible more quickly. Our context-sensitive live help provides your users with relevant learning content in real time and directly at the workplace, thus guaranteeing a productive learning effect. Many customers have already mastered the changeover from Oracle UPK with datango. We will be happy to advise you.