Maintenance of the widely used Business Suite with the core product SAP ERP will only be offered until the end of 2027.

Innovations will only be integrated into S/4HANA. The changeover is an elaborate project that requires the best possible preparation and planning.

Especially in the beginning of the changeover, companies have to face a multitude of new challenges, as the implementation or changeover to S/4HANA is not a typical IT project. The share of business topics in the S/4HANA project is significantly higher than in other SAP projects. Processes have to be standardized and the entire IT landscape harmonized beforehand. Depending on the complexity and integration depth of the system, the business departments have to provide a lot of time and expertise, as all business processes have to be examined and brought back to the standard or newly mapped with S/4HANA.

Count on our SAP-Training

The transition to S/4HANA will impact every facet of the business. The general way of working and the user interface of the end users will also change. In order to transfer the familiar processes into the SAP system, it is of utmost importance that process measures are taken in change management prior to the conversion.

This promotes employee acceptance right from the start and at the same time gives them the opportunity to get to know and understand the system. A high level of motivation is required from each individual project manager and user to avoid difficult project conditions.

datango can make your digital transformation easier for your company. Don't let the transition to S/4HANA steal your time and money and start with a solid foundation from the beginning. We will work with you to master this complex undertaking.

SAP S/4HANA simply explained with datango

With over 20 years of experience, datango is one of the market leaders in corporate training, (software) rollout support and process documentation. Our customers include a variety of companies from a wide range of industries. Our goal is to introduce your employees quickly, efficiently and sustainably to new or changed business processes and to strengthen their acceptance. With our solutions, you are able to document any process with just one click (in Word, PowerPoint, HTML and PDF formats). In addition, a complete simulation landscape is created in parallel, in which users can execute new processes without initiating a process in the real system.

Our context-sensitive live help is able to provide your employee with the relevant learning content directly at the workplace and in real time to generate a productive learning experience. The content created can also be automatically translated into 40 languages. In case of a release change, you also only need a few clicks to update content. Our solutions can be used for: SAP ERP, S/4 HANA, Any SAP Modules.

Avoid forcing the use of every process from your former SAP ERP 1:1 into S/4HANA. With datango, you focus your effort into efficient training of new processes This will not only save you financial resources we will also support you in the S/4HANA changeover. In a non-binding demo, we will show you our solutions for concrete support and successful employee acceptance.