With us, your migration from Oracle UPK will be comfortable

Act now.
Are you planning to switch from Oracle UPK or thinking about switching?
It is important that you waste no time and act quickly. As of April 2019, there will be no more development of Oracle UPK. The final termination of the program is scheduled for December 2022. After that, the server will be shut down.
There is no replacement Oracle UPK product, which makes it necessary to act.

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With us you master your migration

Save your data and master the changeover!
All data is easy to convert to the datango system. Especially at the beginning of this conversion process, companies have to master great challenges. Specialized personnel with the appropriate know-how is necessary to implement the complex changeover in every phase. Our experts will accompany you safely during your changeover. Therefore: don’t hesitate and let’s get started together!

oracle datango tabelle

Comparison of functions

With us, all your data can be transferred easily.
And in doing so, we still offer them essential functions that never existed at UPK. See the comparison!

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Why you should not continue UPK without support

Are you considering continuing Oracle UPK without support? We have listed why you should rather not do this

  • There will be no more security and compliance updates!
  • The software may then not be in line with your company’s standards.
  • There will then be no more on-demand support and assistance.
  • There will be performance problems.
  • There will be compatibility issues with new operating systems.
  • Missing features to support content development for cloud-based ERP systems will emerge.

Now your action is required!

If you are a customer of Oracle, you are also affected by the discontinuation. The good news: It is not too late, because you can still act in time.

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If you need further assistance feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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